Feature: Pretty Progressive - Become A Multiculturalist With These 11 Books About Different Cultures

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Thank you Pretty Progressive for featuring the sneak peek for Cycle of Fusion: Lost at Sea. It's listed at #1 in the article "Become A Multiculturalist With These 11 Books About Different Cultures"

..By becoming seriously knowledgeable in the subject of a foreign culture we can ascertain clearly why it is that a diverse and multicultural society is, ultimately, a strong society. We can easily achieve this by encouraging the reading of these books that deeply explore the unique aspects of the cultures it describes.

This site is a new favorite. It's a great place to go for talking points on diversity and equality and I'm so honored to be included!

A twist on fantasy fiction about a female hero who must help save the world when the apocalypse comes. A metaphorical new myth about grief, loss, abuse, and mental health. The world is broken up into four realms. Dwellers of Earth and Water, as well as Gods of the Sun and Moon. With all these elements combined there is balance and peace in existence.

The moon is turning gray and the sun begins to burn out. There is a disturbance in the universe as ocean tides and storms rage with awakened creatures, demons, gods and spirits of the forgotten centuries of old. In the first installment of the series titled Lost At Sea, Ceridwen flees her home in ashes and is sent out to sea to find the light from within as well as the power to maintain the balance of all the different forces of good and evil.

Read a selection of three free chapters of the first installment of the upcoming Cycle of Fusion series, Lost At Sea here!

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