DjG - Weaponized feat. MAL

New track by DJG feat MAL

I hope you like what's in my head

I'm gonna give it all to you

It's a dark place to be

I can't help it

I'm just weaponized

By the thought of your eyes

Piercing through me

I feel stripped down

But it's where I need to be

To get through to you

I see right through you

I’m the queen


I'm the alloy that you taste

When you're lying in your bed

It goes straight to your head

I can sympathize you got me weaponized

I can't sit still

I can't slow down

like a bullet taking aim

To your heart I'm bound

I'll never understand how I got you to stay

So I hope that you take pleasure in the weapon you've made

I see right through you

Im the queen

Behind the face

Behind the weapon you want

I can sympathize

You Got me weaponized

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